Single platform scam - Single Platform keeps calling....

May 24, I can happily report that SinglePlatform took this post very seriously. He had 3 goals when he called me: To...

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Jo Stevens: Esque vous avez utiliser Google traduction ou vous avez appris des phrase avec des gens ?

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XavasBrGaming: There should be a queer version of this channel

Spiderkesh: I am similar to her but wasn't born in Romania

Annet Avila: Stay fit (it doesn't mean go to the gym, just have a normal body)

Clau Ab: I dated a pretty Americanized Russian guy and it was the best relationship of my life lol

Phil Purcell: Would it be too much trouble to ask for Austria or Hungary? Oh! Or maybe France?

MontageMania: Gimme that *BOOTIE*

Basti0159: Damn irish bitches are dope as fuck

Single platform scam News and current events in...
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Why he contact me after he dumped me?

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I am very sorry to hear of this experience — not acceptable at all. I have to chime in here because I also experienced a sales call about being prominently listed on a search engine site. Horizontal Q Advective Tendency.

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Once you do they change the prices on all the websites. Appreciate the info, all. The issue is I cannot edit those prices unless you sign up for single platform.

Submit a new link. By the way, I totally have that Foursquare shirt. Single Platform has been calling me non stop for days and will not take no for an answer.

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Single platform scam

Posted on by Flavi A

Single Platform, Yext and Locu are few among other platforms, who they seem to be taking over the listings and making it easy for them to do. The real scam,...