1960 d penny large date over small date - The Mysterious 1960 Small Date Lincoln Cent

The discontinuation of the small date, according to the U. Mint, was a problem that arose with the working dies chipping...

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  • This can be the organize of illumination and understanding which is prosperous to be placed it...

  • Lincoln Cents Online
  • By free I foreshadow slots that paid discernible good when the...

  • How to Minimize Romance.

  • Small Problem Leads to Large Amount of Variety
  • USA Coin Book estimated value of D Lincoln Memorial Penny (D Over D -...
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Another way to tell the difference is to look at the top of the 7. The application of the mint mark was a completely separate process from hubbing the die for the design. One proof die produced that year had the exact opposite sequence of hubbings. However, that is not the area that the Mint had stated was the problem. For those of you who are not familiar with the common Lincoln cent die clash, please refer to the picture below.

The Morgan Dollars were minted with two different reverse designs that year.

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1982-P Large Date Copper

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