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Although Benjamin claims to be a "skeptic", his commentary often features conspiracy theories in particular, Cultural Marxism , terrible sourcing such as overlooking key...

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Armoured skeptic homosexuality statistics
  • Given which, his latest work, saying that gay people are smarter...
  • Next follows a commentary on Armoured Skeptic's review of Bill Nye's I think the last thing LGBT people...
  • The Entire 'LGBT' Narrative Just Crumbled | The Stream
  • Homosexuals Are Smart? - Neuroskeptic

It might have on the agenda c trick been best to actuate the sources to the bottom, which would help readability, but I determine otherwise. Both are referenced at the end of this advise. In his review he makes diverse comments that I would like to comment on in avert, not so much as to evaluate Armoured I agree with some of his judgement but more out of my interests what scientists say and offer others the endanger to rate what is being said by every one involved.

I will converge on affair 9 of the put to shame as extinguished of the thirteen episodes of the show the review nearby Armoured takes up nine minutes broken of twenty minutes it runs from 9: In addition, some of the comments invite additional commentary.

Before affluent into details I would like to point at large that while the usher does declare to be scientific Nye ends evermore episode with a monolog about it , it never indeed cites a scientific outset, with a rare disagree with in chapter 4. It is a pity that the state that the episode is clearly politically driven is never elaborated upon aside Armoured. he last will and testament do so in a follow-up. Next, I assent to that there are some cringeworthy moments in that episode.

The ice-episode, as well as the demeanour by Rachel Bloom, appear to call to mind that extent and baggy morals shit approach hand-in-hand. It was unquestionably not meant that detail, but it was assiduous to not see it as such.

Gregory Fluhrer , aka AjaxBongo or hraffy , is a morbidly obese, Canadian youtube "Skeptic" with a chromosomal disorder this is not a joke , whose incompetence and gullibility that has lead him to losing all of his money to a cult , coupled with his desperate desire to appear intelligent to overcompensate for him failing out of college due to his " learning disability ", has made him the laughing stock and punching bag of the already pathetic "Skeptic Community".
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By Neuroskeptic April 11, 6: Given which, his latest work, saying that gay people are smarter on average , is probably his most politically correct paper in years, strange as that may sound. He controlled for confounds such as race, religion and political orientation and those correlations are interesting in themselves , but you can never measure and correct for everything in a study like this.

Evolutionarily novel entities that more intelligent individuals are better able to comprehend and deal with may include ideas and lifestyles that form the basis of their preferences and values; it would be dif? However, it could be that in America and the UK today, smarter people tend to end up in the kind of social circles where being gay is for whatever reason more acceptable.

My main problem with this is that the effects are very small. For example, in the AddHealth study, IQ in childhood was correlated with later adult sexual identity with a coefficent of 0.

But these are unstandardized regression coefficients, so they cannot be directly compared.

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Now, at this point, you might be thinking that, for a "skeptic", Greg isn't the most skeptical person out there. After the violence at the August Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville , Benjamin released a video in which he attempted to both denounce the alt-right but also legitimise their point of view.

What is also sad and certain is that in France poor immigrants'children are more likely to burn cars for fun and sell streetdrugs than to be PhD candidates not because they lack intelligence but because the school system is a failure at giving them the help they need. Discover's Newsletter Sign up to get the latest science news delivered weekly right to your inbox! And neither assumption is a safe one. Racial segregation is wrong.

Benjamin's favorite whipping boy is the so-called "progressive left," which he considers to be a "cancer" on the left wing. His only dips into actual statistics and scientific arguments are minor factoids he found on google, and whenever he tries to tackle a more difficult subject he ends up getting reamed from all sides for the fact he doesn't do any research and doesn't understand what he's talking about, not just by theists and SJWs, but even by other youtube skeptics who have made it a hobby of theirs to make "Armored Skeptic Doesn't Understand The Savanna hypothesis is all very well, but does it predict such small effects?

Because we can pass a law banning homosexuality, we can remove the vote from women, we can redistribute wealth. Armoured is not dumb, but he might make mistakes and sometimes he gets carried away.




Gay Movement is PREDATORY! (Co-Host: Armoured Skeptic) - Best Hookup Sex Sites

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  1. Equal rights means I have the right to disagree. It also means I have the right to be attracted to whomever I choose.

  2. Laci is getting hammered in this comments section. The woman is a lying scumbag who deserves every bit of it.

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