Sayong pagdating prowlers - Sayong pagdating prowler

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Sayong pagdating prowlers
Jocelyn: The sarma from turkey is by far my favorite i come form Yugoslavia and thats a national dish over there.

Sandra Lopez: Mais um inscrito!

TheTuly24: Thats so fucking true and actually the things i dont like at all

Obhutara: Please make a when dating a swedish woman and man one

Don Vergas: You are dating a polish woman when.

Alucard: Sou portuguesa com sangue brasileiro Brasil ganha

TheStgmp44: No offense to Mexican American women, they are a living hell to deal with.

Cindy R.G.: I'm a Jamaican. I can tell you this is all accurate. hahaha.

KГЎdson Breno: I really need a Italian man, very soon!

Vivi Kuran: Na zdorovje is the response phrase when someone's saying thanks to you, so you answer Na zdorovje! (lit: for health! meaning: I've done it for your health!)

Jagtar Sian: One of the best and funniest couples in this series!

Catty Meow: There is a new wave of feminazism in Mexico, the young and even some older Mexican women of today don't give a rat's ass about men other than using them to get cash.

Damian Mans: Personally I don't behave this way. For me, only the point about take photos of anything and everything is true. (I know no one cares XDXDXD

LauraMia Hope: Haha well put other than coffee fortune rest is true I am embracing myself for all this tho xD

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Alvaro Alas: Her French was so bad omg

Sapphirexwind: Spain Spanish is sexy. DR PR should of been included both have different pronunciations of words but super sexy.

Lindsay Mateo: The guy seems very Mediterranean for her.

Bi0dude42O: But yes, this is basically me. Pretty spot on.

Nana Kala: That ironing part triggered me

Amanda Ocampo: When she said australia i was so shocked. us aussies sound nothing like the british

George Six: I notice that all the guys from southern Europe and South American Latin countries are close to their mothers.

Iam Anii: Venezuelan (I love their accent)

Rahed Nevad: Italian men are fuckboys.

ArmenianCwalk: This could be in African

Nanyummyify: Forget hockey. Canadian women love curling!

Kitty Grimm: These must be the new faggoty version of russians.they're nothing like i encountered in the 80s and nothing like my parents


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  1. Im a feminist because i have 3 daughters and also and more importantly i think everyone should be equalВ

  2. looks at the list of youtubers until i find dan and phil ah, my babies, i am proud

  3. poor people use garlic to clean their vaginas ? go buy some medicine recomended by doctor or something it isn't thatВ expensive.

  4. I love you so much and this is completely true. I'm glad you weighed in on the topic

  5. Multiple genders are a man made concept. Just come up with a different name, like personality types. Don't try to adjust something objective

  6. I have a friend who is 5'1 and is 120lbs. She's one of the skinniest people I know. Your figure must be terrifying.

  7. women are taking this shit soo seriously, if a girl did this to me, i would not give a single fuckВ

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Sayong pagdating prowlers are all Sayong pagdating prowlers play one's part pokies only may not...


Sayong pagdating prowlers

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46 (na) Retweet; Gusto; Dustyn Perrin · Fuji Hidayahti · Richard Roque · Alec Kurkjian · ❤PJ ☘ · Ruben · Jovany · AngelJr · Sports Prowler. 19 mga. Sanggol...