Rahul gandhi trolled in bangalore dating - IAS couple Tina-Athar's marriage an inspiration in age of 'intolerance,' tweets Rahul Gandhi

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Time to find himself :'( - what does that mean!?!?

After 19 years of serving the office, Sonia Gandhi enjoys her retirement in Goa.

At present, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has joined the masses to tweet his wishes for the IAS competency couple who recently tied the knot.

Gandhi, in his message for Tina and Athar, called their marriage an inspiration in "this age of growing intolerance and communal hatred".

Why are Dalits indignant at Modi govt. The country is besotted with the IAS power pair ever since they began dating last year and today, Rahul Gandhi congratulated the two with a post on Twitter. May your love grow from strength to strength and may you be an inspiration to all Indians in this age of growing intolerance and communal hatred. God bless you," Rahul added. Dabi and Khan's love story began when they were undergoing training.

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Rahul gandhi trolled in bangalore dating

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