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A dozen years after Calatrava built the spectacular Ysios winery in the rainy Alava region of northern Spain , the building's...

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Santiago Calatrava speaks six languages, and in just about all of them, along with a few others, newspapers around the world have converted the Spanish architect into one of the most controversial members of his profession.
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Again, he searches for a metaphor. The figures are incomplete, because some of the spending done by such groups is not required to be disclosed, but all sides agreed that the N. Calatrava has been attacked for invoking facile metaphors from nature, for randomly defying convention, for pushing against the limits of buildability, for bequeathing intolerable maintenance burdens, for indulging in visual razzmatazz instead of just getting the job done, and, mostly, for erecting budget-guzzling luxuries.

Calatrava is currently battling the building's owners through the courts after they blamed him and refused to pay his full fees. This shows you that at the end of the twentieth century, the public authority took a lot of responsibility as a promoter of architecture and the major part of this work emerged from competitions.

The lawsuit does not say whether she went to the police. I also have [a deep] admiration for Arp.

The building [must be sympathetic] to the quality of the light outdoors; if it is foggy or if it is full of light, if it is sunny, or if you are on the north or south side—[all these are elements to consider]. Maybe, but hardly anyone did. He moved there four decades ago, aged 22, after finishing his architectural studies, matriculating at the Polytechnic Institute, where Einstein studied. I think looking at the natural and making simple models of behavior [is wonderful].

S and Saudi Arabia. Other people, sometimes when they judge, are looking for something completely new, you understand. Everybody was so lucky that he designed this beautiful plaza in front of the building.

One of the plaintiffs, Kristina Rapuano, alleges that professor Paul Whalen in March forced himself upon her and put his hands down her pants when she visited his office. And so we eventually started the building, which had one of the biggest roofs ever built. We are still in concrete works but by the end of the summer we will finish the concrete and start closing the building.

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Spanish architecture: Santiago Calatrava: “Self-criticism is necessary” | In English | EL PAÍS

Santiago Calatrava is a unique architect. He is not only an architect, but also an develop and sculptor. Because of that he has, next to architectural knowledge, also knowledge of constructions, mechanics and technical details. He is able to find boundaries of constructions. At that significance, the most special constructions can appear. The human body inspires this bridge. This is something that Calatrava does often.

He relates constructions to the benignant body. He makes model drawings of human bodies to office forms and relates these drawings to his design.

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This week Calatrava defended his projects.

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