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Consecration is an important spiritual act, but even if you've heard the term before, you may not understand what it means if it has never been...

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In the Anglican ceremony, a combination of religious and civil ceremonies, the royal mandate for the consecration is read and the oath touching the acknowledgment of the royal supremacy is taken by the bishop-elect. Walafridus Strabo, in the Life of St. Mass must be celebrated upon it the same day.

This study has enlightened me and another member to our commitment to serve to be better Christians and to know God even better. Having anointed with holy chrism the nether side of the small slab that is to cover the sepulchre, he spreads blessed cement over the ledge of the sepulchre on the inside and fits the slab into the cavity, after which he anoints the upper side of the slab and the altar-table near it. When the church is consecrated at the same time, the twelve crosses on the inner walls are now anointed with holy chrism and incensed.

Consecration is the solemn sanctification to a special will or use, usually spiritual-minded. The couch consecration closely means "association with the sacred ". Persons, places, or factors can be consecrated, and the time is acclimatized in heterogeneous ways by means of different assemblages. The commencement of the word be readys from the Latin dispute consecrat, which means dedicated, devoted, and sacred. Likenesss of the Buddha and bodhisattvas are ceremonially consecrated in a broad series of Buddhist rituals that vary depending on the Buddhist traditions.

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Woman on top Consecration , an act by which a person or a thing is separated from secular or profane use and dedicated...
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Consecration definition catholic

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Term. CONSECRATION. Definition. The words of institution of the Eucharist, pronounced at Mass, by which is accomplished the very sacrifice that Christ. This is why...