Most intimidating boxers of all time - The 10 Most Intimidating Fighters in Boxing History!

The mental aspects of a fight plays a significant part in the outcome of a fight. Here are 10 of the most intimidating fighters of...

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I know how can a guy that weighs lbs be intimidating? You bid that unless you weigh lbs and have to fight that guy! He retired with a release and 43 of those wins alongside knockout. Hearns had accomplishments from the Welterweight splitting up all the way through to Cruiserweight, but it was in his drop weight classes where he was the most intimidating. He was 6 ft.

1. Mike Tyson
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And when he brought his fighting abilities into the world of MMA, he demolished every single one of his opponents, becoming the first Thai MMA World Champion in just 5 fights. Tyson 1 Liston 2. When Foreman hit the heavy bag it was like a cannon blast. Mike Tyson was short and stocky and heavyweights would often tower over him. As one of the largest Thai fighters in history, Dieselnoi was feared primarily for his knees. There were fights in which Lewis was frustratingly hesitant, but when he stepped in and really let the right hand fly he was one of heavyweight boxing's most potent practitioners.

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Despite all of his troubles, he was adored by his country because he rose from the slums to become undisputed world champion with a fearsome reputation inside the ring. Late in his career, Baer did something Joe Louis had been unable to do -- Baer knocked down Tommy Farr, although the tough Welsh heavyweight lasted the full 15 rounds at Madison Square Garden. His come-from-behind KO win over Jersey Joe Walcott was one of the most dramatic one-punch finishes of all time, but often he would beat down the other man -- softening him up, as it were, with a bruising bombardment.

He retired with a record and 43 of those wins by knockout. Widely considered to be the greatest boxer never to win a world title, Sam Langford was denied his title shot by another great heavyweight Jack Johnson. Shavers was especially dangerous early in a fight, as he showed when bombing out Ken Norton inside two minutes.

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