Is grindr good for hookups on dancing - Guy's Worst Grindr Hookups: 'I Got a Call From His Boyfriend'

The glory of sex apps and sites for so many gay guys is the opportunity to score instant sex. We certainly know about the good hookups...

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Well, despite its reputation as being all about scoring, Grindr, which turns eight on March 25, can be whatever you want it to be. In the last half decade, at least two of my friends met their partners on Grindr. One married his grid match last year, offering hope to Grindr romantics everywhere. What are you going to tell your friends and family — your future kids and grandkids? Do you want them to know that you met your Mr.

Right on a grid where everything depends on physical beauty? On the downside, gay romance is on life support in the age of Grindr. Dating is dead, and the art of conversation is practically lost on a new generation of gays. But is that the work of Grindr, or has the app simply flourished in a community that was already faltering?

Like social media and the internet in general, Grindr encourages time-wasting, discrimination, and cruelty.

Chris H: Wouldnt say its only Eastern and central european beeing alcoholics, none smiley and cold toward strangers. Scandinavians are as well. Never heard words like sweetie to a costumer in Denmark from the staff, like in the UK. And our girls are those drinking 2nd most in the EU (our boys are only on the 4th place :p).

Kat Veliz: Blacks are only about 8 of the population in Brazil, not 50%.

Shlibber: Simply dating a german women is horror and i can say that as a german. And as a Seafarer i can compare it to other countrys where dating does really fun.

Jing Sun: She looks pretty.

Shottskies: No the guys here gorgeous.yes.

Nanilka Punks: Wow! It is short. Very efficient.

Kaibigan _: That was so funny!

Bryon Allen: If they understand the value of women it means their society is not infected by the 3rd wave feminism.

Sherry Chen: Please make a video about dating Polish girl man :)

Albe Beltrami: Music is totally incorrect middle Eastern music.

Shantam Kar: Blond, blue eyes, spoke german and english with no accents. Wrote in both languages beautifully. We were engaged a few months too, but it would have been the second marrage for both us and we backed out. Thankfully without a major fight because she was in law enforcement and always carried.

Om Tekriwal: It's not even Polish accent. She is just speaking Polish with different accent.

Black Sheep: I'm from Romania and this got me shocked xD

JOSSY L: That's about B.S. video

The first gay lock I ever went to was shouted Tramps. I had just turned 21 and had at worst been out of the closet to save a few months. It was a time of brisk discovery, a nonetheless when the feel of looking and being looked at in a erotic way was fresh, exciting and addictive. I was led to a petty courtyard outside.

We stood up on a concrete bench so we could see over the fence and into the Habana Inn. I saw men in trucker hats with hands in their pockets, nervously making the rounds.

Is grindr good for hookups on dancing

My experience. What do you think?

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This is not a screengrab of Seattle users—this is a generic image provided by Grindr's PR department.

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  1. And saying there's no point because people are going to keep doing it is kind of ignorant.

  2. Fact #11; The vagina has the most power in society. The carriers know this and exploit it non-stop.

  3. You can say what you want, if your body has had 30 dicks in it, im not going to marry you. Ew.

  4. creepoc That's one out of every 25. So, one or more sexters in every class of seventh graders.

  5. Why do people want to not be male for female as a gender? Please give me thoughts.

  6. KJT922018T I'm sorry, but someone who finds cleaning an uncircumcised penis a difficult thing is an utter failure.

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