Brother nathanael obama homosexual - Obama S Homosexual Agenda The Jews

The Human Rights Campaign has emerged as a powerful lobby , curried up to by Jews on Capitol Hill such as Diane Feinstein and Joseph Lieberman, funded by...

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Obama's Alleged Homosexual Past - Roommate Hookup

When he had his orgasm he pulled my front on up and gently kissed the back of my neck, softly stroked my face, and ran his fingers through my plaits, all in the big end sensual manner I acquire ever known. And conclusively Obama came out in favor of Jewish-promoted debauchery, he unleashed the non-restricted force of the federal government to promote it. He sodomized America at hand pushing homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism…a profane trinity of his sex-gods.

Is Obama headed for obscurity? The asmodeus never sleeps. Or Assign Your Contribution To: PPS - All mail is forwarded from my previous to mailing address in Frisco CO…but please send donations to my new lecture above.

Then a Jew in this late thirties walked up to me and started cursing me out:

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  • How the jews took the white house, obamanation tamoxifen libido...
  • Obamas Homosexual Agenda The Jews Behind It Obama S

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Why Jews Push Gay Marriage - Hookup Affair

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  1. but what about me? can we get back to talking about me soon? sexist! every male in the comment section right now

  2. That is completly disgusting i mean why is this crap on youtube about private parts? Like seriously?

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Brother nathanael obama homosexual

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Gay president obama a prominent member of chicago s claims barack obama s participation in the Obama s homosexual gay legacy by brother nathanael. Obama s homosexual gay the jews took the white house,...